Not Guilty Verdict at DUI Trial on September 9, 2016

Kia Law Firm is pleased to report another victory. On September 8, 2016, Kia Feyzjou announced ready for trial on a DUI matter in Riverside, California. Jurors were empaneled on that day and on September 9, 2016, Mr. Feyzjou cross-examined the prosecution witnesses, including the Investigating Officer from the California Highway Patrol, as well as […]

DUI Charges Dismissed in August 2015.

We are pleased to report that we were successful in dismissing DUI charges against our 60 year old client who was stopped for driving on prescription medication. As a result or aggressive lawyering, we were able to reduce the charges to Reckless Driving which is not a DUI. As a result, the client will be […]

What To Expect At the Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is one of the most extremely important meetings with your attorney. This is the opportunity for both the lawyer and client to establish the relationship and to have an open and honest discussion about the charges, possible defenses, witness issues and the facts of the case. The most important thing is to […]

I Had A Warrant Out For My Arrest Due To Unpaid Traffic Tickets In Another State And Didn’t Know It. What Can I Do?

Have you ever walked around all day with a big stain on your shirt or the remnants of lunch on your face and you didn’t realize it? It can be pretty embarrassing once you find out, especially if you run into the wrong person along the way. If you have a warrant out for your […]

Three Things You Need To Know About California Penal Code 977(a)

When you get charged with a crime, a judge determines what your punishment will be. Whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony offense, your case will be brought before the judge who will decide whether or not to be lenient and give you the minimum punishment or levy the heaviest punishment allowable. The judge […]

I Got Into A Car Accident While On Probation. How Can I Protect Myself?

A car accident can ruin your week. Besides the potential physical injuries that you can sustain, being involved in a collision is a pain. It costs you time and often money, plus there is the headache of having to deal with the insurance company, the adjuster, a rental car, and the repair shop. However, if […]

I Borrowed My Brother’s Car And Got Arrested For Driving A Stolen Car

It’s not uncommon to borrow another person’s car. We’ve all been there. Whether you don’t own a car at all, or your vehicle is at the mechanic’s getting a tune up, or you’re asked to transport a family member’s car for one reason or another, we have all driven a car that didn’t legally belong […]

I Failed To Make My Mandatory Probation Hearing Due To A Family Illness.

People typically think of probation relating to a person who was released early from prison for good behavior, but is being watched closely. Probation is essentially the postponement of a jail sentence that permits a person convicted of a crime the opportunity to continue living and engaging in the community, rather than going to jail. […]

Smoking While Snoozing Caused My House To Burn Down.

Many people like to relax at the end of a long day and enjoy one last cigarette before drifting off to sleep. But what happens when you fall asleep without snuffing out the cigarette butt? A hotel guest recently found out in an up-close and personal way. A man staying in a hotel fell asleep […]

Minors started Arson House Fire

Kids Started A Fire In The Neighborhood and It Caught My House On Fire; What Can I Do?Written By Kia FeyjouKids Started A Fire In The Neighborhood and It Caught My House On Fire; What Can I Do? According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 50,000 fires occur that are the result of youths […]