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Client Reviews

          • L R.
          • Los Angeles, CA
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          I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kia during a difficult time in my life. I had some very terrible luck with my ex husband and desperately needed an attorney asap. I had about 7 attorneys to chose from. Mr. Kia was my 5th call. After listening to his pleasant voice with all of his great knowledge I was in tears because of how caring he was. He shows no judgement. Mr. Kia will forever be the best attorney I have ever hired! You will see.

          • Chase B.
          • Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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          Just recently I witnessed a close friends court case from beginning to end with  Kia Law Firm working hard side by side my friend and his family. The Firm produced excellence in every capacity, burning the midnight oil, with a dedicated staff they helped my friend and his family to a victory, and reestablished credibility and trust with their peers. Kia Law Firm went above and beyond with confidence from the very beginning of the case, until its conclusion this month. I would recommend this Firm to anyone is the Riverside County area and beyond.

          • Oscar R.
          • Chino, CA
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          About more than a year ago, I got myself into a serious situation with the law. It involved a very sensitive matter between my wife and me. Not very happy of what I did. In my situation it was necessary to hire a lawyer who knew what he was doing and capable of doing in and out of the court to build a good defense case. I couldn’t find a good lawyer who actually would take the time to sit with its client and tell you the honest truth, without adding extra frosting on the cake. Before I consulted Kia Law Firm, I had made many calls to different firms, the only question I would be ask the whole time is, what are you charge with, are you out in a bond and actually quote me before even looking into my case. I was very skeptical of even hiring a lawyer after all the calls I made.

          Yes, Kia had made the same questions but he first ask me it was necessary to look into my case first. He worked around my time and made it possible to meet me for the first time on his day off. I was blown away when he had told me that. What lawyer would make time on his day of to meet a person who may or may not consider him to represent him in court? No lawyer would, but Kia did. In top of that, I felt bad for taking his time that day when we met; it was a weekend he was out, spending quality time with his kids. Kia sat with me, ask me questions of what had happen, why were the reasons for my mistake and when over good and bad case scenarios.

          Every time we met in court, he was very professional, look out for my best interest, and never lie about anything. He is a straight forward guy whose interest is for the good of his client. And also Kia takes the time to know his clients, because he prefers treating them as his friends instead of a dollar sign, as many lawyers tend to do and have done.

          Also, the reason why Kia was the lawyer who I decided to represent me in court is because he was recommended through a family member, who had a similar case as I did and he was recommended by my immigration lawyer, who knew how Kia works in court. That spoke a lot about Kia when another lawyer had to say about him.

          Will I ever recommend Kia, yes I would. I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal services.

          By the way, my case was reduced and he fought with the DA till they agreed to cut me a deal. Kia does not take a “No” for an answer!!!!!

          • Sarah B.
          • Riverside, CA
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          Kia is the most knowledgeable lawyer I have had the privilege of working with.  He handled our case with the utmost care, and professionalism.  He helped us to maintain our dignity throughout the case, and quickly handled any and all of our concerns.

        • Humberto G.
        • Lake Elsinore, CA
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        This man is no joke. Trust me, you are in good hands. I am so thankful I took advantage of the free consultations Kia offers. I got myself in a messy situation which I was clueless about and needed help understanding the consequences of my actions. The consultation with Kia was very helpful and informative. I walked out of his office feeling a sense of relief. He and his staff of employees were very professional and helpful through out the process and duration of my case. I really appreciated that. If you’ve gotten yourself in a bad situation and are in desperate need of representation, look no further.

        Kerry H.

      • Fontana, CA
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      Kerry 8/31/2015
      Modest Office, Powerful Action and Big Heart.
      Few months ago I was accused with DUI case.  That was due of unawareness of taking certain medications with some beverage which contain a quantity of not a few of caffeine. But who will believe you?! “The law does not protect the dupes” as the saying said. I found myself in a difficult and very bad position, as I am a sixth decade of my age. After several hearings and postponements, I found it is necessary to hire a sincere and mighty lawyer.  I asked some of the people I know and searched the Internet; I read a lot of reviews for many of lawyers… But I was not convinced with anyone. But it struck me that I read the reviews of Mr. Kia and struck me the News Clip on his website “”. He speaks humbly and quietly about the great success he achieved in that case… In addition, his shape of the depositary and humble in this clip and his images. According to my practicing, the empty drum has a loud noise, but the filled drum is faint and quiet.
      In short, I went to Mr. Kia Office. Ms. Lusia welcomed me and insisted to give me some Coins to put it in the parking lot machine. Then I welcomed by Ms. Julia the lawyer assistant and she listen to my case with interest and keenness. That was before I met Mr. Kia. After my meeting with him I felt I put my feet in the right place. Mr. Kia has succeeded to gain for me a “wet reckless” with less classes and no driver license suspension.
      With Kia Law Firm you never lose answers, you will find Ms. Julia and Ms. Lusia always ready to take your call and follow up with you and Mr. Kia. Really, if you want a honest, kind, and friendly treating, do not hesitate of hiring this office. Mr. Kia himself honest, friendly and powerful action. The most important, Mr. Kia does not sale his client

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      In August 2014 my life changed & I didn’t know what to do ! I felt so little in the law system & I knew I needed someone great to represent me my lawyer Kia helped me when I was at my lowest ! Let me tell you my story my name is Monica Mohammadi  me & my boyfriend Adrian decided to go out one night with our friends I decided I would be the designated driver for the night  me and my boyfriend live together and we share everything we pretty much have everything under both our names the night we went out I decided to take Adrian’s car I say Adrian’s car because he was the main person on the pink slip I was just the co signer any who that night happened to be the worst night of my life as we were going to the beach I lost control of his car & crashed everyone in the car had been drinking except me after the accident everyone was pretty much in shock I was too I couldn’t believe I just crashed and not to mention it was a brand new car ! Adrian was so upset & scared he was acting a bit loud and a crowd started to form since I was the one responsible for it I asked my two friends to take Adrian to the side n cool him down while I waited for the cops I told them I would handle it since I was the one responsible for the accident ! The cops finally arrived I let them know what happened they asked me who was in the car with me I told him Adrian and my two friends then they asked me who the car belonged to I told them Adrian ! I let the officer know where he could find them I let the cops know they have all been drinking so they where not in the right state of mind ! All of a sudden the office started being rude and not taking anything I was saying in consideration saying he didn’t believe I was driving ? I told him why would I lie about something like that ? They brought Adrian back to the car and arrested him saying they suspected he was driving ? I told them no I was the designated driver & that I wasn’t going to let them arrest someone innocent at that point I was hysterical I was crying I was bruised up I just couldn’t believe this was all happening it all felt like a bad dream ! ! I didn’t understand how the law can do something so wrong ? How can they arrest a innocent person ! Then the office told me if I didn’t calm down he would arrest me to that I needed to walk away ! I told him where was I pose to go I just got in a accident I don’t have a phone and all he said I don’t know u figure it out ! I left limping trying to find my two friends phone less and my boyfriend arrested with a DUI I felt so small like how am I going to fight them how am I going to make things right again.The next morning after that night I had to hire a lawyer. When i first met Kia I knew I had to hire him he really knew what he was talking about and I am glad I did it. Moral of the story is Kia made a bad situation into a blessing and I thank him for everything he did for me and Adrian. I recommend Kia if your going through a bad situation with the law.


      I was referred to Kia through a friend a couple years ago after finding myself staring into the eyes of a DUI. This was my first experience having to deal with the colossus of a nightmare the DUI process puts you through in CA (not that it should be easy). I couldn’t of had a better referral for The Kia Law Firm. After reaching out I met Kia at a coffee shop to discuss my options. Kia was absolutely genuine and upfront with every bit of information he shared with me (good or bad). As a result of the charges, Kia managed to take a very stressful time in my life and turn it around with his vast knowledge of the law which helped shed transparency of what to expect moving forward.

      What really put my mind at ease shortly after hiring Kia was the attention to detail he puts into his work. He went through my report with a fine tooth comb and made some interesting discoveries that eventually helped my case in the end. He was also very diligent with keeping me in the loop of the entire process with when and what to expect. Best of all, Kia was personally by my side throughout all my court appearances, DMV hearing included. I never once felt my case fell short of attention whatsoever. In fact, the opposite. Ive heard of other attorneys sending their assistants as a stand in for “unimportant” hearings. Not with Kia.

      In the end my case was thrown out of court. The assistant DA wanted to refile, but the judge didn’t allow it because Mr. Kia Feyzjou, (for lack of a better term), killed it!

      You know your lawyer is good when after the judge  dismisses the jury they come out to get Kia’s business card….it happened!

      Terence R.


    About a year ago, my husband had faced a problem where He needed an attorney in a beat of a heart to help His case. A member of family had referred Kia to him. With great stories that’s been informed to us by fam member, my husband did not hesitate anymore.

    Fortunately, my husband has made the best decision by choosing Kia. Kia was there from the beginning until the end. He touched bases, kept in touch, followed up with my husband in every convenient time he could possibly can. Even though my husband is the actual client of Kia’s, he had treated me like his own client as well, where other attorneys might only care for ‘the client’.
    The case was extended for multiple times because Kia was demanding for the best result for my husband. Meeting after meeting, Trial after trial; He never gave his 2nd best, He defended my husband with all his best.
    Almost a year later, thanks to Kia; the D.A. finally cut a deal for my husband; the best deal we could ever imagine that could ever be given. Our family now could finally well-rested and move on after a long worth-while waiting time.

    I would totally recommend Kia’s law firm to anyone .. everyone! He doesn’t give up, He will fight for you! =)

  • 8/18/2014

    About a year and a half ago I was in a terrible situation,  I needed a criminal attorney and needed one fast… I never thought I would find myself on the other side of the law…Kia was recommended to me from another prestigious attorney… From the first minute I meet him I know he was the attorney for me… He is extremely professional, experienced, helpful, compassionate, and helped me get through the most difficult time of my life…Kia new the court room, walked me through this nightmare and helped my family and I stay focused and positive. If I ever go through this nightmare or anyone I know I would recommended Kia 1000 times over!

    Juan U Avila…if there was 10 stars I would give him that!

I had the opportunity to hire Kia last summer to help me when I was in a bind. Very rarely do you encounter a professional with the skills and knowledge that Kia has. The great part was that he understood how each step of the legal process would unfold. He also knew what the judge needed  even before it came up! The bottom line is that I’m glad I worked with someone with that much experience. Now that I’ve been through the legal process with Kia by my side, I feel like I have a partner who has my back . – Mark

I’m currently a stay at home dad while my wife finishes her tour in Afghanistan (Army), I had a 12 yr. old warrant for no bail, being that my wife is still deployed we could not afford for me to be taken into custody for an expended period of time (highly unlikely), when considering attorneys, another attorney recommended Mr. Feyzjou. After speaking with him over the phone I felt quite confident having him represent me, he was very honest (best & worst case scenarios), straight to the point (no BS), he was very specific on why he needed me to make sure I followed his advice, and in the end he proved himself to be right (on the advice of what I needed to do before we stood in front of the judge) and more than quite capable to handle my case by getting me released on OR (on a no bail 12 yr. old warrant). My original sentence reinstated and all against the D.A’s objection (even the judge said “that almost never happens”). Even when my bail bonds bailed on me (pun intended) the morning of my court appearance Mr. Feyzjou quickly got on the phone and got us a bail bond who agreed to be there on short notice to post bail (which thankfully ended up not needing), Mr. Feyzjou’s expertise and determination to fight for the best results possible very worrisome trip for me turned into 1 of the most satisfying days of my life.

On Monday I was at courthouse by 8:30am, met with Mr. Feyzjou by 9:00am, in courtroom by 10:45am, walking out of the courthouse (what a GREAT feeling) with all matters resolved by 11:05am.

Mr. Feyzjou’s stern work ethic and unwillingness to settle (with his client [me] best interest in mind) made all results and events possible, Mr. Feyzjou will forever be in our GRATITUDE!!!

In My Humble Opinion, he’s not only the best criminal defense lawyer I could of had he’s also a GREAT person. Again Kia, a world of thanks!!!!

– J.L.E

I was falsely accused of a crime and Mr. Feyzjou gave me excellent legal representation. He meticulously investigated the details of my case. His presentation before the judge was eloquent, as he spoke with integrity. He is not only honest and sincere, but he also presents as a more humanistic lawyer. Because of him, I now have no record and feel that justice has been served. I highly recommend this lawyer

– M. A.

Mr. Feyzjou~ The consummate “team player & gentleman.” I felt he exhibited a tremendous amount of personal attention throughout my entire enduring case. Unlike his counterparts whom seem to treat their clients like a number, Mr. Feyzjou truly shows compassion and cares about your best outcome as he treats you like the individual you are. I found Mr. Feyzjou to be extremely passionate and knowledgeable about all of his cases and would recommend him as an attorney that immerses himself in a job well done. He will earn your trust!


I was very impressed with Mr. Feyzjou. He handled my case professionally and always answered my questions in a timely manner. I was charged with a DUI. He told me not to accept the charges because he knew I was innocent. I was charged with driving with a blood alcohol concentration of over .08. Through his meticulous defense and strong knowledge about the mechanics of these allegations, he was able to convince the District Attorney to reduce the charges filed against me. I was facing misdemeanor charges that could have ended my career as a commercial truck driver. Thanks for Mr. Feyzjou, not only did he save my job, but I also saved thousands of dollars in not having to take any DUI classes and losing my job which helps me support my family and children. Thanks you Kia. I am forever blessed with your help.


Its not everyday you get to meet someone like Kia! With a full understanding of my case and surrounding laws, he made me feel really comfortable. Kia worked very hard for me and I was very fortunate to have hired him for my case as it ended up in a very good outcome. I highly recommend him for anyone needing someone trustworthy who cuts straight to the chase.


I came into Mr. Feyzjou’s office in fear that I was going to get arrested. I had multiple charges and was at a total loss. As I sat down with Mr. Feyzjou, he believed in my innocence and didn’t doubt a word I told him. He spoke the truth, showed me my options and fought for my case. Now I can say I am a free man, who can continue to provide for my family and who has been given a second chance. This guy is honest, trustworthy and he will definitely get you the best results out there.


Wow I can’t even express how thankful I am to of meet Kia Feyzjou. He is a GREAT attorney who represented me in the best way possible. I would say the he is 100% trustworthy and responsible. He is THE PERFECT ATTORNEY!!!!!


I met Kia through a friend who had used him the past. My son was charged with making terrorist threats, using violence and committing an assault. My son was innocent. When I first met Kia, he believed that the prosecution had not done a thorough investigation in this case. We sat down and he patiently listened while I discussed with him the facts of the case. Kia believed that my son engaged in his conduct to protect me when he saw someone push me to the ground and attempt to unlawfully tow my car. Kia and my son were forced into trial. At trial, he was successful in showing that the so-called victim in this matter had a prior felony conviction, was a liar, and made up the claim to protect himself from the civil liability that he was facing for having used unjustifiable violence to tow my vehicle. My son was facing two strikes. The jury could not convict my son of these charges and they returned with a “hung-jury” verdict. The District Attorney did not re-try the case. My son was freed and I am happy to have met Kia who stood by our side, undeterred and faced the prosecution in our defense. Thank you Kia.


Thanks to Kia, I am able to stay in this country legally. Fifteen years ago, I pled guilty a criminal offense without knowing the ramifications of pleading guilty. Over the course of the years to come, I had no idea that by pleading guilty, I would then face immigration consequences when I married my US Citizen wife. I met with Kia who discussed with me California Penal Code 1016.5 and how it appeared that the Judge and Prosecution failed to inform me that the plea would have immigration consequences. We had a hearing and Mr. Feyzjou argued in my favor to the satisfaction of the court that the guilty plea should be vacated and a not-guilty plea should be entered. We won the motion. The prosecution never attempted to re-file the charges because the witnesses were gone, the arresting officer had retired and there was no evidence to hold me accountable. I am now living in this country legally, with a wonderful wife and child, thanks to Kia. Your knowledge, dedication to assist your clients at all times of the night and willingness to provide a payment plan to me will make me forever be proud to have once been your client. Much appreciated.