Driving Offenses

Driving Offenses

Driving offense crimes can have significant penalties if left without resolution. Our office routinely meets with clients who have violations for driving without a license or on a suspended license. These violations can arise from people who have pending traffic tickets, failures to appear in court or failures to pay previous tickets.

These are generally considered minor grade criminal charges in California, however, they can lead to serious violations of the law if left unattended and unresolved. If you have received multiple tickets for driving offenses, for driving on a suspended license or other driving offense, contact KIA LAW FIRM for a free in-person confidential consultation.

At KIA LAW FIRM, we have the in-depth knowledge and skills to resolve any driving offense violation. We are knowledgeable about the ramifications to plead guilty or no-contest as it relates to the DMV. Many attorneys claim that they have knowledge about handling these type of cases, however, ultimately, if the work is not performed appropriately, the client will end up losing their license because the DMV points add up. If you do get more than 4 points in a year, the DMV can suspend your drivers license.

We can generally reduce your fees, work with you on getting your drivers license immediately and clear up your record.

Whether you have been charged with violating Penal Code 12500, 14601.1 or 14601.2, or others, contact the attorneys at KIA LAW FIRM immediately. A phone call can save your license, your future and your freedom.