Sex Crimes Defense

Our office has been extremely successful in defending clients accused of sex crimes. Please see our RECENT RESULTS for our proven success. For those who have been charged or are being investigated with this type of allegation, it is MANDATORY that I advise you that you WILL NEVER, on your own, talk your way out of this allegation. Law enforcement often have a one-sided view on these matters. Once you are a target, you will always remain a target. Unfortunately, while the law in this country is innocent until proven guilty, for this type of crime, it is quite the opposite: guilty until proven innocent.

Don’t be pressured to have to lay out defenses to law enforcement why you are innocent. Do not speak to law enforcement about these allegations. You must speak with an attorney immediately. Do not undergo a polygraph examination. Too often, law enforcement will ask a suspect to take a polygraph. They tell the suspect, “If you pass, it will help your case”. Most of people we speak with after they take the polygraph really believed that the polygraph is admissible in court. California Evidence Code Section 351.1 specifically states that “the results of a polygraph examination shall not be admitted into evidence in any criminal proceeding”.

Again, our results speak for themselves. We are active in the defense of those accused of sexual allegations. Our familiarity with the medical literature has aided us in defending these cases. Don’t fall victim to a system that is used to forcing those accused of crimes to plead guilty immediately. Our role as attorneys is to aid, assist and accommodate our clients in reaching the best resolutions possible.