Three Strikes Law

According to California law, a defendant who commits a felony with two or more prior strikes, must be sentenced to at least 25 years to life in State Prison. A defendant who commits any felony with one strike prior could be sentenced to a doubled term on the current felony, unless the prior strike charge is dismissed for sentencing purposes. The current felony does not have to be a serious or violent felony. At KIA LAW FIRM, we have been successful in filing what is referred to as “Romero Motions” to contest the prior strike charge.

Those who are convicted of strike offenses receive reduced jail credits, in comparison with other individuals charged with non-strike related offenses. In non-strike cases, an individual could receive as much as 50% of their jail sentence reduced following a conviction where as strike offenders would serve 80-85% of their sentence.

A strike is a prior conviction of a serious or violent felony. They are listed in the California Penal Code.

Serious felonies are listed in Penal Code Section 1192.7(c), while violent felonies are listed in Penal Code 667.5(c).

If you have been charged with a strike offense, consult with an attorney at KIA LAW FIRM immediately so that we can begin to provide adequate, unparalleled attention to you or your loved one immediately.